Public Art

SPAN works with artists, organizations, businesses and local government to bring more public art into the everyday life of the Swanton Community.

Public art has the power to:

    • Energize and transform where we live, work and play.

    • Influence the ways people see and connect with a place and with each other.

    • Help strangers talk, children ask questions, and perspectives to shift.

    • Promote a sense of attachment or pride to the community through cultural and historical understanding while powerfully highlighting the unique elements in public spaces.

    • Make communities more healthy and vibrant through goals of livability, walkability, safety, and economic vitality.

Murals, sculpture, memorials, functional or landscaped architectural elements, community art projects, digital media, performances, and festivals all add value. They provide opportunities for people to experience art—even for those have never set foot in a gallery, museum, or theater. These works enhance the built environment, create social connections, spark economic investment, build a distinctive sense of place, and support cultural tourism.