Art Board Program


In 2015, local artist Scott Rheaume and the Swanton Arts Council gifted open art boards for the benefit of artistic expression and community enjoyment. They were temporarily dismantled in July 2020 as an unfortunate consequence of socially intolerant behavior and public reactivity surrounding artwork portraying diversity.

New Program:

SPAN is pleased to have developed a formal Art Board Program approved by the Swanton Village Trustees that establishes roles and responsibilities, standards of operation and protocols to address grievances or conflicts that may occur in the future.

For Art Board Program Details and Guidelines, refer to:

New Boards:

The Trustees approved 3 new locations (Swanton Beach, Marble Mill Park, and John's Bridge) for public art boards to be reinstalled in 2021. Launch of these art boards shall be complete by August 2021.

Public Property ONLY:

SPAN is solely responsible for the installation, administration and protection of art boards located on public properties that are owned by the Village or Town of Swanton.

  • SPAN encourages art boards located on private property that are installed in accordance with local standards and permitting requirements; however, they are solely administered by private property owners and do NOT fall under the purview of the Network or these guidelines. Owners interested in installing art boards on their private property are invited to reach out to the Network administrators for support.