Art Boards: Registration

Welcome to the Swanton Art Boards!

The art boards located in Village-owned public spaces are independently administered by the Swanton Public Art Network (SPAN), a collective of local artists and art aficionados dedicated to promoting public art exhibits that showcase the talents of local artists, aesthetically enhance the community, and celebrate Swanton’s diversity and identity artistic sharing for the benefit of our community. The Network is fortified by its support and connections to artists and funding opportunities.

Art Board Registration - EACH BOARD USE

If you're an artist or someone interested in using Swanton's public art boards, explore this area of the site to learn more about the Program's requirements for timely registration of each painting of an art board, whether adding an artistic image or resetting (painting over) an art board.

For more program details, refer to site pages:

Submit Registration: Complete the registration form linked on this site within 24 hours of painting on an art board, whether to add an artistic image or to reset (paint over) an art board.

Painting a board, whether to add an artistic image or to reset it, must be registered on the SPAN website within 24 hours of completion. Use of the art boards without proper registration may warrant the art board to be reset or painted over, and/or be considered a reportable violation. The registration must include:

a. The user’s name and contact information. User may request to keep their name anonymous.

b. A brief statement of what the art represents, such as the artist’s inspiration, meaning, etc. SPAN requires this information for archival purposes and any grievance (formal complaint) about the art.

c. A photo of the finished board. (send separately via email to