Art Boards: User Agreement

Welcome to the Swanton Art Boards!

The art boards located in Village-owned public spaces are independently administered by the Swanton Public Art Network (SPAN), a collective of local artists and art aficionados dedicated to promoting public art exhibits that showcase the talents of local artists, aesthetically enhance the community, and celebrate Swanton’s diversity and identity artistic sharing for the benefit of our community. The Network is fortified by its support and connections to artists and funding opportunities.

Art Board User Agreement - SIGN UP TO PARTICIPATE

If you're an artist or someone interested in using Swanton's public art boards, explore this area of the site to learn more about the Program's requirements to SIGN UP by completing a User Agreement in advance of painting the art boards, whether to add an artistic image or to reset (paint over) an art board.

Must sign up every new year - Current agreement effective thru December 2021!

For more program details, refer to site pages:

Appendix A - Art Board User Agreement.pdf

To get started, you must Complete and Submit a signed “Art Board User Agreement”. The agreement must be confirmed as received in advance of permitted use of the art boards!

2 ways to complete:

1) Click "Online User Agreement" button above for fast submission and immediate confirmation of permitted use.

2) Click on "Appendix A - Art Board User Agreement.pdf" link to print the paper form. Complete and send to SPAN via email ( or mail to SPAN (196 Maquam Shore Rd, Swanton). Confirmation of permitted use will be sent upon receipt and review.

Any person who wishes to use the art boards must first submit a completed “Art Board User Agreement” Upon receipt, SPAN will provide written notification to the contact information provided to confirm receipt and convey permission to begin using the art boards. Use of the art boards is not permitted until the submitted agreement and notification of receipt are complete and received. Permissions are granted to the signed artist/user and will be effective for any public boards available and for as frequent use as is permitted by the guidelines until the end of the calendar year. If the art board user neglects these guidelines, then SPAN may rescind its permission in accordance with its grievance protocols.

a. All art board users must complete an agreement whether to gift the community with their artistic expression OR as an interested community member resetting (painting over) an artist’s work.

b. A group of artists requires a completed agreement for each participant.

c. Youth artists require a completed agreement that is also signed by a parent/guardian.

d. The agreement will expire on December 31st of the same calendar year as signed. A new agreement must be submitted to renew art board user permissions each new calendar year.

e. The agreement is essential to:

  • Acknowledge understanding of art board guidelines and promise to comply with the required terms and conditions of use.

  • Agree to use the art boards in a safe manner with respect for the art boards and the public properly, to accept the potential risks and to waive liability for any improper or unsafe use of the public art boards.

  • Agree to be open to put forth a sincere effort to achieve a constructive resolution of any grievance that may occur.

  • Convey understanding that artistic images on public art boards may be used for the purposes of promoting public art and local artists. With or without permission, the artist retains all rights to their artistic images.

  • Provide contact information.

  • Document parental/guardian permission and agreement as appropriate.